How to buy

Before ordering a sail the following questions may be helpful in taking decisions.

1) Should it be a racing sail, tourist one, or somthing in between.

2) What type of material (hi-tech, or regular) ?

3) What is the nature of the sailing plan of the boat (top or fractional) ?

Delivery in Europe by GLS courier, price for standard parcel 30-40 EUR.

To determine the dimensions of the sails, please fill out the following measururement form, and send it to (e-mail: /
fax +48 58 684 74 99)in order to receive the offer.Download measurment form:

OS_Boat – .pdf
OS_Boat – .xlsx
OS_Genoa – .pdf
OS_Genoa – .xlsx
OS_MainSail – .pdf
OS_MainSail – .xlsx
OS_SpinGenak – .pdf
OS_SpinGenak – .xlsx

Messen Form:

OS_Boat – .pdf
OS_Boat – .xlsx
OS_Genuar – .pdf
OS_Genua – .xlsx
OS_Gross_segel – .pdf
OS_Gross_segel – .xlsx
OS_Spin_Genak – .pdf
OS_Spin_Genak – .xlsx